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Exponential growth in the use of digital communications has allowed for great efficiencies, but has also contributed far greater challenges.

The computing interfaces that are presented to users are not always optimized. Also, strategy and design organizations that produce digital solutions for businesses are often not fully prepared for the complexity of today's evolving digital ecosystems. Together, these can create significant issues in the broader context of providing products, services and reliable customer experiences on the Web.

Methodbrain™ researches and develops practical models for improving information architecture, user experience (UX) strategy and UX design process.

Our first public project is the DSIA™ Research Initiative.


DSIA Research InitiativeThe DSIA Research Initiative

Methodbrain is curator of the DSIA™ Research Initiative — a private think tank dedicated to advancing a formalized discipline of information architecture based on theory, research and practice.

You can follow progress of the Initiative and gain access to its latest insights and subject matter through the DSIA Portal of Information Architecture.

DSIA Portal

Featured Information Architecture Resources

DSIA Practice Framework V1.3
The Information Architecture Common Set
UX Design Practice Verticals (Diagram)
Information Architecture Value Chain
Information Architecture Schools of Thought
Getting Web Site Structure Right

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Digital Experiences Are About People, Not Technology

Information Architecture and Agility: A Work in Progress

A tale of information architecture, UX design and murder! Well, sort of.
How to Get Away with Murdering a Bad Idea

UX Design Practice Verticals (Article)

The Information Architecture Value Chain

Adopting a Professional Compass for Information Architecture

Information Architecture: Beyond Web Sites, Apps & Screens

Industry Contributors' Roles in Professional Practice

Transforming Our Conversation of Information Architecture with Structure

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