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Research Areas

Information Overload
Research in this area attempts to expose signatures, behavior and attributes of information load for any given context.

Domain Maturity and Assessment Models
Inquiry in this area explores the creation and assessment of information architecture strategies and tactics and to establish foundations for reliable information architecture diagnostics.

Information Architecture and User Experience Design
Information architecture doesn't happen in a bubble. It generally happens under the umbrella practice of user experience design. Inquiry in this subject seeks to define the scope of information architecture, in practice, as it relates to other disciplines that contribute to the user experience design lifecycle.

Baseline Proficiencies for IA Practitioners
The interesting thing about becoming an effective IA practitioner is that it requires experience in UX design practice. Thoughts in this area explore the requisite UX design skills of an aspiring information architect.

Information Architecture Glossary
The goal of this effort is to author and maintain a comprehensive controlled vocabulary in the subject of information architecture.

User Experience (UX) Design Glossary
The goal of this effort is to author and maintain a comprehensive controlled vocabulary in the subject of user experience design.

Information Architecture Theory
The aim of theoretical inquiry is to stimulate research and expose fundamental rules that ground the work performed in the practice of information architecture.

nathaniel davis

Nathaniel Davis
Information Architecture Analyst and Practitioner
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As founder of the DSIA Research Initiative, my goal is to provide a focused discussion that helps to promote the theory, science, and practice of information architecture.

The practice of information architecture extends beyond tactical subjects like navigation, information organization and information relationship. It has strategic, managerial, and research interests that are crucial for managing complex information environments known to mid-size and enterprise business.

This page is a partial list of topics that I am investigating.


The Basics of Information Architecture

Having a conceptual foundation for your practice of information architecture is priceless. This section explores six primary areas of interest of any IA practice and provides links to historical references and other related articles that contemplate the scope of information architecture practice.

Explore the basics of information architecture

The Basics Of Information Architecture

Practice Modeling

Nurturing professional growth within IA and UX design organizations becomes paramount as organizations and information domains mature over time. The work product of inquiry in this area provides introductory perspectives for establishing a practice model that cultivates professional discipline and innovation within IA and UX design organizations.

Explore practice modeling research

Practice Model Research
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