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The DSIA™ Portal of Information Architecture serves as a public body of knowledge for the DSIA Research Initiative. The DSIA Research Initiative investigates IA theory and methods that help to promote a consistent and coherent practice of information architecture.

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The Basics of Information Architecture

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What is Information Architecture?

The practice of information architecture for the Web is the effort of organizing and relating information in a way that simplifies how people navigate and use content in Web environments. Learn more about Information Architecture

What is an Information Architect?

An information architect is one who models strategic objectives, human behavior, and content as a way to bring structure and sustainability to how people engage with computing interfaces. Read more about Information Architects

Featured Information Architecture Illustrations

Information Architecture Value Chain
A Model for Digital Experience Architecture (PDF)
10 Digital Experience Proverbs (PDF)
UX Design Practice Verticals (Diagram)
The Information Architecture Common Set
DSIA Practice Framework (V1.3)

More Information Architecture Illustrations

Getting Your Web Site's Structure Right - By Nathaniel Davis

This article demonstrates how to identify and articulate site structure as part of IA practice. Read More

Creating a Web-Site Information Architecture in Six Steps - By Nathaniel Davis

This article provides guidance for creating Web-site information architecture. A valuable read for practitioners at every level. Read More

Transforming Our Conversation of Information Architecture with Structure - By Nathaniel Davis

This article discusses how Web structure can be the shared interest of academics, researchers and IA practitioners. Read More

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The Basics of IA

What is an Information Architect?

Information Architecture as a Practice

A Brief History of Information Architecture

Why Information Architecture Matters

The Biz Function of Information Architecture

What Does an Information Architect Do?

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What is an Information Architect?

IA Summit Chats with Nathaniel Davis in Short Burst Series

Information Architecture: The Structure Behind Your User Interface

The Name of the Practice Is Information Architecture

Information Architecture in Review, Part 2

Information Architecture in Review, Part 1

A New Architecture for Information Systems

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