Methodrain is an information architecture science consultancy that’s pioneering managed UI structural engineering. We specialize in the diagnosis, remediation, and management of site structure.

Through our efforts, we empower digital design and technology teams with human-centered reference documentation that supports user interaction design, experience strategy, and data architecture. We partner with design operations managers, product managers, information architects, content architects, knowledge management leads, and IT/data leads.

We Operationalize UI Structure

We help design and technology teams build an unprecedented structural view of their UI ecosystems while reducing UI structural dept. We provide UI structural engineering for:

  • Enterprise intranets and productivity interfaces
  • Digital product and services
  • Consumer websites, applications, and platforms

We Blend Practice with Science

Our approach combines real-world enterprise experience and more than a decade of research in information architecture science, operations, and UI structure. We’re developing ground-breaking modeling and diagnostic software to advance new approaches for promoting healthy UI structure and sustainable human engagement with technology.