Information Architecture

Methodbrain is an information architecture consultancy that specializes in the diagnosis, design, and engineering of UI structure.

We assist digital teams with planning and maintaining conceptually sound digital interfaces. We provide comprehensive structural documentation to inform site information architecture, UI design, and experience strategy.

We work closely with key team members, including digital design managers, product managers, architecture leads, information architects, content strategists, knowledge management leads, and systems and data architects.

We Operationalize Website Structure

We are experts in planning and managing the workflow for site structure in the enterprise. We work with various internal teams to maintain a comprehensive view of an organization’s content and conceptual ecosystem to promote integrity. We consult for all environments:

  • Enterprise intranets and productivity interfaces
  • Digital products and services
  • Consumer-facing websites and applications

Our approach is informed by extensive enterprise experience in UX design, information architecture science, content strategy, UI team assessment. We use purpose-built modeling and diagnostic software to advance new approaches for promoting a healthy UI structure.