Nathaniel Davis, Founder

Nathaniel is the Founder of Methodbrain and has over 25-years of experience in information architecture and user experience design. Nathaniel has served as an information architect, user experience design consultant, and UX/IA design manager. Nathaniel is the former Director of Information Architecture at Prudential Financial.

Nathaniel is a leading advocate for the advancement of information architecture as an area of research and practice. In 2010, he established the DSIA Research Initiative, where he continues to explore his research interests and curates the only active glossary on information architecture. He investigates various aspects concerning information theory and how it translates into science, workable software, and methods that improve human interaction in complex information environments. 

Nathaniel’s research also includes applying information architecture theory to improving the organizational dynamics of UI design organizations. His work in this area has culminated in an extensive framework for managing UI team activities and operational functions.

Nathaniel is the official information architecture columnist for UXmatters and has contributed articles to the Association of Information Science & Technology and UXBooth.

Nathaniel Davis - Information Architect | UI Engineer