Nathaniel Davis


Nathaniel Davis is an independent analyst that advises on information architecture and UI organization diagnostics. He helps design organizations improve how they architect, design, and manage application user interfaces in environments of complexity and scale.

Nathaniel has more than 20-years of professional experience in web architecture, strategy, structure, and design. He has first-hand experience in independent consulting, startups, agencies, and has spent more than a decade submersed in the operations of complex enterprise web environments. His perspective is 360 degrees.

“how to thrive in the face of complexity with the use of solid frameworks and conceptual tools.”

As an architect’s architect, Nathaniel advises and coaches digital product managers, design leaders, experience architects, and design teams on how to thrive in the face of complexity with the use of solid frameworks and conceptual tools. He brings a rigorous perspective on coordinating people and process around the architecture and design of complex web user interfaces.

Nathaniel’s competencies include:

Research & Science

Nathaniel is a thought leader in the young field of information architecture and is committed to contributing theory, science, actionable research, and reliable models that can be used in practice.

His scientific interests include investigating informational patterns and developing frameworks that improve application UI design and socio-organizational dynamics.

“developing frameworks that improve application UI design and socio-organizational dynamics”

Nathaniel’s research is branded and published under DSIA Research.


Nathaniel writes the information architecture column for UXmatters and has contributed articles for the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science & Technology and UXBooth. He is currently writing a book on the subject of information architecture theory for Chandos Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier.