DSIA Research – Exploring the Science of Information Architecture and UI Design

DSIA Research is a private research effort for the development of information architecture science. The mission of DSIA Research is to add technical rigor to the practices of information architecture and user interface design through the use of theory, science, and research insights.

DSIA Research was established in 2010 by Nathaniel Davis.

Origin of the DSIA Acronym

The term “DSIA” is an acronym that relates to a set of informational patterns that are being studied by DSIA Research. The first letter of each pattern was used to create the DSIA acronym.

Current Research Activity

  • Light-weight reference models for information architecture and application UI design.
  • Practical frameworks for improving workflow and governance activities in design organizations. 
  • Systematic approaches for managing information architecture structural definitions.
  • Systematic approaches for modeling information behavior via cluster analysis.
  • Glossary of terms for information architecture and UX design.