UI Structural Engineering – Managed Service

At Methodbrain, we provide a managed service to proactively audit, diagnose, improve, and operationalize UI (site) structure.

Better Structure. Better Results.

Our managed UI engineering service gives design organizations proactive structural modeling capabilities to improve individual user interfaces and multiple interfaces across shared information environments.

Sound site structure is essential to any digital communication, product, or service. Without proper structure, applications eventually fail to support their intended design, causing teams to waste valuable time fixing under-performing features. Additionally, without proper structural documentation, teams struggle to understand their growing digital environment as a system of user engagement.

How our managed service integrates with your team


UI teams create artifacts

Product and design teams produce a wealth of documentation about site structure that is not easily discoverable for existing and future projects.


Methodbrain enables structure

We centralize business, UI, and experience models and deploy robust audits and diagnostics to maintain sound site structure.


Structure improves performance

Methodbrain builds an integrated system of human-centered models to inform UI design efforts and data architecture.

Empower your strategy, content, and design execution

It’s important to understanding how and why your experience architecture, content, and UI designs connect. As part of our managed service, we model your experience ecosystem on multiple levels to foster insight, generate informative maps, improve content analysis, and provide information architecture-based assessments.

Transform information into rich data

Our managed service covers consumer-facing sites, digital products and services, and enterprise applications. We use content transformation capabilities to manipulate unstructured content, expose complex relationships with unprecedented speed, and provide human-centered models to improve data quality and analysis.

Improve your data architecture with human-centered concepts

Many of today’s data architecture implementations include conceptual models that often lack a human-centered context. This gap limits the business value and intelligence of any data architecture.

Our managed service closes this conceptual gap. We proactively model the human-centered information found in UI, UX, and product design documentation. Our managed UI engineering service helps UI and UX teams operationalize and share their models with technology teams to improve data architecture and intelligent UI behavior.

Methodbrain adds a vital layer of human context to improve data models and data analytic capabilities.

Put an expert in site structure, diagnostics, and remediation on your team.