Design Architecture for UI Design Organizations

The fundamental operational needs of your design organization will increase in scope and complexity as the demand for your team grows. When this happens, your design organization must retain qualified staff to optimize its design approach, keep the design organization accountable, and align with the broader organization.

Design architecture promotes business value and organization proficiency in the areas of governance and workflow (See Figure 1.0). It focuses on the reliable implementation and management of architecture activities that connect UI design to the business.

I provide thorough analysis and recommendations that promote sustainable outcomes. My work is characterized by:

  • An approach that blends science with practice.
  • A comprehensive suite of tools and science-based methods.
  • Insight at every level of organizational maturity.

DSIA Model for Design Organization & Operations (DesignOps)
(c) 2019. DSIA Model for Design Organization & Operations

Design Architecture for Efficiency & Scale

Architectural discipline provides the foundation for efficient, sustainable design activities and digital experience strategies. It helps to address the system-wide factors that impact a design solution and the managing design organization.

I work directly with design leaders to integrate a comprehensive system of diagnostic frameworks. My system addresses key areas that promote efficiency and scale in the areas of:

  • Alignment
  • Planning
  • Readiness
  • Process
  • Measurement

Design Architecture for Proficiency & Value Retention

As part of my workflow and governance system, I measure and maintain essential operational benchmarks that improve business integration and value retention:

  • Improve the valuation of team capabilities and strategic readiness.
    • Competency Assessment (Individuals & Projects)
    • Design Organization Benchmark Study
    • North Star Fit Assessment
    • Risk Evaluation
    • UI Debt Assessment & Measurement
  • Map design strategy and outcomes to business and customer value.
    • Impact-Value Assessment
    • Prioritization Enablement
    • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis Enablement

Architect it. Own it.™