UI Organization Diagnostics and Design Architecture

Design architecture is a discipline that addresses the governance and workflow (See Figure 1.0) practices of user interface (UI) organizations by targeting organizational planning, team capabilities, and the measurement of UI design outcomes.

I provide thorough analysis and recommendations that improve organizational planning and design team performance. My work is characterized by:

  • An approach that blends science with practice.
  • A comprehensive suite of tools and science-based methods.
  • Insight at every level of organizational maturity.

DSIA Model for UI Organization & Operations (DesignOps)
Figure 1.0 – (c) 2019. DSIA Model for UI Organization and Operations

Optimize your UI organization for improved outcomes and scale

Architectural discipline provides the foundation for strategy and the conditions for optimal UI design and UI engineering activities. UI Architecture helps to address the system-wide factors that impact design solutions and the coordination of the managing UI organization.

I work directly with UI and design leaders to expose gaps that affect team performance by employing a comprehensive system of diagnostic frameworks that target five key areas:

  • Alignment
  • Planning
  • Readiness
  • Process
  • Measurement

As part of my diagnostic toolkit, I apply novel methods for measuring and maintaining essential operational benchmarks that improve the business integration of UI/design teams. My evaluations expose opportunities that managers use to inform their organizational and operational plans.

  • Readiness & Risk Diagnostics
    • Competency Assessment & Skills Mapping
    • Design Organization Benchmark Study
    • North Star Fit Assessment
    • Project Risk Awareness & Remediation
    • UI Debt Assessment & Measurement
  • Planning and Value Diagnostics
    • Organizational Planning/Transformation Study
    • Impact-Value Assessment

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