Design Architecture Value Assurance

Value assurance is an emerging discipline that focuses on value retention and methods for influencing the successful delivery of complex digital projects. It originated in response to consistent problems that plague technically complex projects and the need to build confidence with business stakeholders.

I provide reliable counsel that assures the integrity of important design architecture practices. My approach centers on four key areas:


I ensure that initiative, product, and project charters align with business strategy and value objectives; perform detailed analysis of stakeholder positions; assist in vendor evaluation; and establish practices for proactive risk identification and mitigation.


I validate the internal alignment between infrastructure architecture and design architecture; evaluate the coherence of project scope and work effort; ensure traceability and actionable analytic benchmarks, and evaluate experience plan and design lifecycle approaches—including waterfall, agile, and lean.


I use sound architectural methods and information analysis techniques to mitigate the risks that stem from gaps in digital competencies; leverage proprietary software to benchmark and improve staff digital proficiency and organizational readiness.


I advise on engagement models, essential role definitions, team collaboration, and how to align user interface design teams with software engineering teams.

Additional Research on Value Assurance