About Information Architecture

For The Web

As humans interact with computing interfaces, we increasingly contribute to our own personal and networked web of information and information relationships. Over time we naturally become dependent on the information we’ve stored to recall previous knowledge or to influence and create new knowledge. However, as our personal and organizational repositories grow, it becomes more challenging to discover, interpret, manage, and useĀ information in an efficient manner.

To ensure the future usability of application user interfaces, we must plan for environments of scale and complexity. If not, much of the information that we retain and the user interfaces that we design will become unusable.

Information architecture is a practice that’s committed to tackling the threat of information glut and improving the experience of human-computer interaction.

Beyond the Web

Skilled IA practitioners can be employed to document abstract and ambiguous aspects of any environment into an understandable and actionable model. The subject domain does not have to be an application interface.

While the computer interface is the primary domain of interest for most, a future aspiration of many practitioners, including myself,Ā  is to extend the practice of information architecture beyond pure business interests.