What Do User Interfaces Want? : The Next 500 Years of Interaction Design

“What at first seems like a counterintuitive question has its roots in the philosophy of technology. It is based on the premise that the same evolutionary forces that drive humans and all living things also drive technologies, including user interfaces.”

Customer Experience is Getting Worse

“Digital transformation means using digital to transform the organization so that it organizes around customer needs…”

New Research Shows the Steep Cost of Digital Experience Failure

“when it comes to digital experience, the data shows that disappointing your customers has a brutal cost.”

Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think

“As global companies become even more reliant on analytics and data to drive good decision making, periodic overhauls of their technology systems are inevitable. But the risks involved can be profound, and avoiding them requires top managers’ careful attention.”

Bridging the Gap Between Data Analytics and Personalization

“Marketing leaders are searching for — and failing to find — customer experience strategies to effectively apply data and analytics. They’re looking to data to help improve customer journeys and deliver more valuable (and profitable) experiences through personalization.”

The Cost of Bad Project Management

“When it comes to project management, most organizations put their practices before their people. They place more emphasis on rational factors — the process itself — and less on emotional drivers that could lead to project excellence — like their employees’ engagement with the project and company.”

Delivering Large-scale IT Projects on Time and On Budget (.pdf)

“Large IT efforts often cost much more than planned; some can put the whole organization in jeopardy. The companies that defy theses odds are the ones that master key dimension that align IT and business value.”

In 2016, the Customer Experience Will Separate the Winners from the Losers

“According to Gartner, in just a few years, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience. And by 2020, the customer will manage 85% of its relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.”