AI-READY: designing structures of tomorrow

Generative AI (GenAI) marks a transformative shift in digital user interfaces and user experience, and it’s imperative for digital teams to be at the forefront of shaping this emerging landscape. This workshop helps designers, content and information architects navigate the latest content-based challenges presented by GenAI. If your team is seeking practical insights to scope and design the structure of AI-assisted user interfaces, our workshop offers solid guidance.

Workshop Summary

The AI-Ready workshop is designed to upskill design, content, and information practitioners on GenAI and enable them to identify areas that have immediate business and product impact. 

This workshop exposes your design team to new evaluative frameworks for assessing GenAI-related feature requests and mitigating risks related to content and interaction design. It ultimately prepares practitioners to effectively assess and document critical information dependencies that support UI design, user experience, and data architecture.

Workshop discussions include:

  • Generative AI 101
  • The Responsibility of Design, Content, and Information Architecture
  • Using Trust Architecture and Responsible AI as Design Pillars
  • Generative Content Interaction: Potential and Constraints
  • Recognizing Content Validity as a Critical Design Constraint
  • How Verifiable Agency Impacts Content Strategy and Structure
  • Governing the Behavior of Generative AI in Your UI
  • Scoping Access to IA-Generated Content

This workshop is interactive and informative for the following:

  • Content Designers & Strategists
  • Information Architecture Practitioners
  • UX and UI Design Professionals
  • Product owners

Workshop Details

Workshop Length: 5-hours 

Presentation Format: Lecture and group activity

Breaks: One 30-minute refreshment break and two 10-minute breaks

Reference Articles

Read Information Architecture and the Impact of Generative AI for an example of the topics that are explored in this workshop.

About the Instructor

Nate Davis is an information architecture consultant and a regular contributor to information architecture education and research. Nate has 20 years of experience managing teams and leading UX design and information architecture projects in large enterprises, and writes frequently on the intersection of information architecture and generative AI. Nate is also highly experienced in corporate team dynamics, design process, and operations. 

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