Improve your site and digital products with better structure

Every digital product, service, and website has a structure that’s shaped by deeply related concepts and content. Teams need better ways to define site structure and validate structural integrity. At Methodbrain, we help digital teams diagnose, improve, and manage site structure.

Sound site structure empowers teams to improve digital products and UI design:

  • Enables systemic insights that are often hidden by complexity
  • Reveals key dependencies that impact strategy and design solutions
  • Connects business objectives to features and user engagement
  • Identifies risks and opportunities


Flawed site structure will complicate product strategy and design decisions, cause user interfaces to fail, and increase operating costs. Learn how we improve site UI structure and your team’s ability to deliver digital products and user interfaces with better outcomes.

UI Structural Diagnostics Dashboard

Enterprise-grade site structure diagnostics and workflow

We leverage an innovative platform for managing human-centered information architecture in the enterprise. And our managed services offering helps teams reduce¬†UI structural debt and improve your team’s value and efficiency.

UI Structural Debt

For every team member, digital organizations incur $8,000 of structural debt due to inadequate site structure.


Team members spend part of their time resolving structural issues. Methodbrain \improve structure-related tasks and inquiries by up to 80%. 

Cost Reduction

Methodbrain produces significant returns that impact usability and performance, design operations efficiency, and time-to-market.

Put an expert in site structure, diagnostics, and remediation on your team.


System-wide inventory of digital assumptions, concepts, and content to baseline structural inputs.


Heuristics and quantitative analysis to baseline site structure.


Information architecture science and modeling best practices to close critical gaps that impact site usability and outcomes.

Managed Services

Operationalized structural design and engineering to manage scale and deliver continuous value.

UI Structural Engineering 101

Objects in nature and those that are made by humans have structure. The same is true for application user interfaces. In this post, we describe UI Structural engineering and review its function in the creation of websites and other digital forms of communications, products, and services.

Read UI Structural Engineering 101