Systemic analysis and modeling of experience and engagement strategies.  

Evaluate site content and conceptual foundations.

Enterprise-grade workflow and planning for managing site structure at scale.

Structure your site and digital products for a human experience

Methodbrain is an information architecture consultancy that specializes in website structural design, concept engineering, and design architecture modeling.

To structure is Human. People naturally manage an array of mental concepts and cultural behaviors that give shape to their personal and professional experiences. These essential human factors must be documented to create effective digital interfaces.

We use enterprise-grade modeling software to transform human behavior into structured conceptual models, promote site structure, and operationalize experienced-based concept models for complex UI environments. User interfaces that work are the ones structured for a human experience. 

Promote meaningful user engagement within your digital ecosystem
Optimize how users find and use content in your site or application
Maintain a foundation for personalization and intelligent UI behavior
Support durable content and information architecture

Do you know the state of your site’s structure?

We help digital organizations baseline site structure to improve user experience, structural accountability, and business value.