Systemic analysis and modeling of owner and experience strategy.  

Diagnose & repair core models, navigation, and other conceptual foundations.

Enterprise-grade workflow and planning for managing site structure at scale.

Structure your site and digital products for a human experience

To structure is Human. People naturally manage an array of social constructs and cultural norms that provide meaning and order to their personal experience. We invent these structures and maintain them through our ability to communicate.

Since digital user interfaces are used to augment human contact and communication, we must ensure the digital environments that aid our social and professional experiences don’t collapse under the weight of confusion.

A balanced discipline of information science and human behavior is essential for structuring the user interfaces that we create. At Methodbrain, we specialize in experience architecture and the structural design and engineering of application user interfaces. We help digital teams diagnose, improve, and manage site structure to optimize human-computer interaction.

Promote meaningful user engagement within your digital ecosystem
Optimize how users find and use content in your site or application
Maintain the foundation for personalization and intelligent UI behavior
Support durable content and information architecture

Do you know the state of your site’s structure?

We help you baseline your structure and build better practices to improve site usability, accountability, and business value.