10 Digital Experience Proverbs

Information architecture and user experience planning are essential components of digital strategy. However, this may not be obvious to your technology and marketing colleagues. This poster highlights important concepts of digital experience in the context of digital transformation and customer experience.

Download – 10 Digital Experience Proverbs

A Model for Digital Experience Architecture

In the digital experience economy, the architecture and design of user interfaces are critical to business success as the architecture and design of the technology that supports them. This poster leverages the DSIA UX design practice verticals to express key activities that shape digital experience architecture.

Download – A Model for Digital Experience Architecture

An IA’s Practitioner’s Creed

This is the DSIA Research Initiative’s official communication for a creed of IA practice.

Download – An IA’s Practitioner’s Creed

Baseline Proficiency for IA Practitioners

This poster charts the basic skills for freshman, junior and senior tactical IA practitioners against the DSIA segmentation for UX design practice verticals.

Download – Baseline Proficiency for IA Practitioners

Boolean IA Maturity Method

This IA maturity assessment is one of the industry’s first methods designed to help practitioners quantify information architecture solutions in a tangible and actionable manner. This chart is used to generate a heuristic benchmark called a maturity index that measures the domain readiness of a site’s information architecture.

Download – Boolean IA Maturity Method

How to Frame the Practice of Information Architecture

If you can imagine an iceberg and remember six important areas of interest, this poster can prepare you for understanding and explaining the purpose of information architecture.

How to Frame the Practice of Information Architecture

Information Architecture Common Set

This quick reference guide provides an illustration of the basic theoretical concepts and principles of the IA Common Set, as proposed by Nathaniel Davis. If you’re looking for a cheat sheet for creating site information architecture, this is it.

Download – IA Common Set (Light Version) Released 2012

Download – IA Common Set (Complete Version) Soft Release on 2013

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Information Architecture Schools of Thought

Originally presented at IA Summit 2014, this poster consolidates the short history of Web IA framing into four interdependent branches.

IA Schools of Thought 1.0

Signatures of Information Overload

This resource offers a perspective to help IA practitioners take greater action against information overload (IO). The chart includes IO signature descriptions and heuristics for building an information architecture strategy with greater intention.

Download – IA Signatures of Information Overload

Information Architecture Practice Framework

This guide was created for managers of information architecture practitioners. However, IA and UX design practitioners of all proficiency and organizational accountability will find this guide useful.

Download – Information Architecture Practice Framework

SEO in Your Information Architecture Strategy

“What’s good for information architecture is good for SEO.” If you’re responsible for site information architecture, you must ensure your site is search engine friendly. This DSIA resource quickly explains why and how to include basic SEO thinking into your IA strategy.

Download – SEO in Your IA Strategy

UX Design Practice Verticals

This chart highlights information architecture and other major practice verticals that contribute to the scope of user experience design and shows exactly where the practice of UX design elegantly intersects across disciplines.

Download – UX Design Practice Verticals