Methodbrain – Probing a Science of Information Architecture

DSIA represents the private research of Nathaniel Davis. The mission of this effort is to frame a coherent thread of science and practical knowledge of information architecture. DSIA Research was established in 2010.

NOTICE: This section is going through a very slow migration of content from its previous version. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Areas of Research

  • Information architecture theory and science – Active / Unpublished
  • Information architecture disambiguation – What is information architecture?
  • Building vocabulary and language of critique – Information architecture glossary of terms
  • Understanding team-based dependencies in digital practice – UX design glossary of terms
  • A model for practicing information architecture with a greater intent – Still migrating content from Archive
  • General Education and Discussion – Posts and publications
  • Light-weight reference models for information architecture and application UI design
  • Study of organizational dynamics in the creation of application user interfaces – Unpublished
  • Methods for measuring stress on the structure of application user interfaces – Active / Unpublished
  • Experimentation with software that leverages IA theory to develop practical use – Unpublished