DSIA Research


My research investigates information architecture as an information science and practice, and socio-organizational frameworks for effectively planning and managing application user interfaces at scale.  

What I’m Currently Exploring

  • Developing IA theory and working to make information architecture a legitimate information science
  • As a result of my research interests and earlier publications, I’m writing a book on information architecture for Chandos Publishing (an imprint of Elsevier).
  • I’m actively exploring the use of information architecture theory and science in practice.
  • I’m working on a public library of interrelated terms, definitions, and frameworks that can be used in the plan and design of complex application user interfaces.
  • I’m developing software to assist in the engineering of structural definitions for application user interfaces.
  • I’m developing methods for measuring information density to improve the predictive modeling of information behavior.
  • …Did I mention that I’m trying to write a book?!

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