Information architecture and user experience planning are essential components to digital strategy. This poster highlights important concepts of digital experience in context to digital transformation and customer experience.

Regarding Experience

  1. Digital experience is not about technology or data. It’s about people.
  2. The user interface is not the user experience. The user experience is the user’s experience.
  3. The “UX” is not something you point to. It’s embodied in a user’s mind. So, don’t ask to see it.
  4. We don’t create the user experience. We participate in and influence someone’s experience by presenting them with meaningful content and a usable user interface.

Regarding Research

  1. UX research is a quasi-scientific method. It studies human behavior to understand users’ needs, inform business objective and help ground architecture and design strategy.
  2. Site analytics do not reveal the user experience. They demonstrate what users do.
  3. You cannot articulate someone’s user experience unless they first explain or demonstrate it to you. Gather primary and secondary research to support your UX strategy whenever possible.

Regarding Process

  1. UX design is not a creative art or self-expressive. It’s about meeting users’ needs by articulating a strategy for a user interface and executing that strategy through a sound information architecture, relevant content, interaction design and visual design.
  2. You are not doing UX design…unless your team’s study of the behavior of targeted users informs your approach to designing a user interface.
  3. As the UX design process reveals what users think, feel, see, and do…information architecture codifies these inputs into navigation, organization, and relational structures to support a UX strategy, content, visual design, interaction design, or data model.

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