UI Structural Design
Assessment & Diagnostics

Digital user interfaces are given structure by a complex set of conceptual relationships that stem from the behavior and expectations of its owners, contributors, and users.

A structural design that is not adequately documented and represented in your data architecture can reduce usability, limit content delivery capabilities, and generate structural debt that negatively impacts the business, customers, and employees. 

How We Help

Our diagnostics service enables teams to improve the durability of their conceptual data models by evaluating human-centered and information-based benchmarks. Insights from our proprietary diagnostics software helps teams make informed UI and data modeling improvements that ultimately contribute to desired outcomes.

Structural durability is conceptual durability

Conceptual durability is central to building UI structure and critical to sustaining effective UI design and optimal user experience. Without proper conceptual durability, digital teams struggle to manage the improvements they need to support design, technology, and core business objectives. 

Our diagnostic software is used to assess, measure, and isolate gaps in structural design across enterprise applications, digital products, and other shared information environments.

Improve UI structure and data architecture.

Our rapid diagnostic assessment gives leaders and their teams unprecedented structural insights for improving UI performance, data quality, and return on investment.

Digital teams create design artifacts.

Product and design teams produce a wealth of documentation about UI structure that is not easily discoverable or available as a reference architecture.

Methodbrain evaluates the structural design of the target information environment.

Methodbrain assesses delivery systems, UI components, content, and experience models that contribute to UI structure. Key structural indicators are evaluated to expose gaps and areas of quantifiable improvement.

Teams achieve better outcomes with improved structural design insights and recommendations.

Digital teams get access to human-centered models and deep structural insights to inform their UI design strategy and data architecture.

We engineer results.