Information Architecture

As an information architecture analyst, I provide sound recommendations for giving structure to application user interfaces. My approach is based on my practical enterprise experience and research in information architecture science.

My practice centers on helping design and product teams model their ecosystem of concepts, content, and user engagement. I collaborate well with designers as a lead architect or as a specialist contributor. My efforts provide a blueprint that helps product and design teams:

  • Model human-digital engagement as a system.
  • Reach alignment and clarity.
  • Develop sound experience strategy.
  • Trace strategy and architectural intent to the final solution.
  • Improve how people navigate and engage with application user interfaces.
  • Design for scale and complexity.

A Vital Perspective in UI & Experience Design

I bring value to design teams by balancing both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. I help organizations to define, model, and manage the informational building blocks of their environment of digital engagement.

IA Strategy

  • Structural assessment & recommendations
  • Content management & workflow
  • Content migration and staging
  • Readiness & risk mitigation

IA Modeling

  • User modeling
  • Context modeling
  • Content modeling
  • Flow modeling
  • Information modeling
  • Domain modeling
  • Site mapping
  • Taxonomy

Content Audits

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Content audits
  • Content matrices
  • Normalization

Nathaniel Davis is an independent researcher, information architecture analyst, and specialist in UI team diagnostics. He advises teams on UI Engineering (information architecture) and how to build strategic proficiency within UI/UX teams.