Information Architecture

I provide an information-science based approach to delivering effective application user interfaces and digital experience architecture. My work begins with creating sound reference models of business and user contexts. It ends by enabling design and technology teams with a holistic blueprint for user engagement and content structure.

Understand the whole

The ability for a design organization to thrive in complexity and scale can be limited if it doesn’t have an explicit information architecture strategy. Providing a holistic blueprint for digital engagement includes many underlying factors. My practice centers on helping design and product teams model their ecosystem of concepts, content, and user engagement. These are critical inputs for effective design activity. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my team have a sound model of the business/product?
  • Does my team have sound models of the users?
  • Does my team have a sound model for communication?
  • Does my team have a sound model for user engagement?
  • Does anyone on your team know a sound model when they see it?

If you answer “no” or are unsure about any of these questions, you should consider consulting with an information architect. I probe these and many other areas to promote clarity and the structure that teams need to design with greater confidence and results.

Understand the parts

Information architecture provides a unique function for design teams by balancing both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. I help organizations to define, model, and manage the building blocks of their growing environment of engagement.

  • Content audits & normalization
  • Content management & workflow
  • Content migration and staging
  • Context modeling
  • Content modeling
  • Flow modeling
  • Readiness & risk mitigation
  • Regression modeling
  • Site modeling
  • Taxonomy & ontology
  • User modeling

Expect results

I collaborate well with designers as a lead architect or a specialist contributor. My efforts help product and design team to:

  • Build a system-wide perspective for digital engagement.
  • Reach alignment and clarity.
  • Trace strategy and architectural intent to the executed design.
  • Improve how people navigate and engage with digital user interfaces.
  • Design for scale and complexity.
  • Deliver business value.

Architect it. Own it.™